The challenges of our time require behavioral changes in our society in order to cope with complexity, uncertainty and dynamics.

Behavioral changes require learning processes. This manifesto would like to contribute to anchoring lifelong learning sustainably as a basic value in society.

We invite you to reflect on the following ways of thinking about lifelong learning:

  • Finding relevant questions is more effective than being able to give clear answers.
  • Activating learning competence is more effective than acquiring factual knowledge.
  • Acting on new knowledge is more effective than sticking to a plan.
  • Learning in liberating structures is more effective than learning in predefined processes.

We follow these principles:

  • Learn to create options and actively shape the future.
  • Create effective change by extending learning through action.
  • Make learning a habit and take responsibility for lifelong progress.
  • Align with your emotions to maintain your curiosity.
  • Design your learning environment to best support you.
  • Have the courage to move beyond your comfort zone for the learning process to be sustainable.
  • Accept mistakes as a fundamental part of learning.
  • Seek the right support to leverage your strengths.
  • Trust others to guide you on your learning journey.
  • Sharpen your awareness of feedback, seek it out, and review it.
  • Reflect on your own actions and realize that you can learn every day.
  • Take advantage of synergies from sharing knowledge and experiences with others.
  • Dare to experience as a teacher what sharing knowledge can do for you as well.
  • Create a safe learning atmosphere together.

Create your own learning journey with joy and energy, with patience and forbearance.

The best time to start Lifelong Learning is now.

Be a Lifelong Learner!

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Lifelong Learning Menifesto.
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